Cover art: Unfurling Heart Wings (2023), acrylic painting by Heather Taylor-Zimmerman

Welcome to the 2023 volume of the Journal of Jungian Scholarly Studies. The mission of the Journal is to support and publish Jungian, post-Jungian, and archetypal studies-based scholarly papers alongside curated essays, book reviews, poetry, and visual art. It is our hope that the ongoing amalgamation of multi-disciplinary scholarship speaks not only to the depths of psychological inquiry but also enlivens our response to the challenges and demands of the cultural moment in which we find ourselves. The space you are about to enter is one of deep change. Using ideas, images, and insights to push for the transformation of what is into what can be, the gifted writers, scholars, and artists whose work appears in this volume of the Journal sift into the unconscious forces of psychological complexes and systemic forms of oppression in a bid to bring new perspectives to difficult problems. In the 2023 volume of the Journal there are five peer-reviewed scholarly papers, two “Conversations in the Field” essays, five book reviews, six poems, and nine works of visual art. We invite you now to travel into a space of imagination and cutting-edge Jungian scholarship. . .

Published: 2023-04-22

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