Re-membering Beauty: Rape Culture, Femicide, and the Shadow


  • Dena Watson-Krasts



Arts-based research, autoethnography, femicide, grief, Jung, rape culture


This paper reviews and summarizes the author’s inquiry into rape culture and femicide using an arts-based approach and narrative autoethnography. It is based on the author’s experience of losing a friend who was sexually assaulted and murdered in the fall of 2014. Using art, personal narrative, and community engagement, the author establishes a healing practice that not only helped her transform her grief into compassion but also raised her community’s consciousness about this important topic. The author proposes that such integration of art, narrative, community engagement, and healing practice is capable of impacting individual and collective consciousness.

Author Biography

Dena Watson-Krasts

Dena Watson-Krasts is a somatic coach, liminal artist, adjunct teacher, and mom to two amazing teens in Mendocino County, California. She holds a MA in Depth Psychology and BAs in both Art History (Visual Culture) and Studio Art. See her work at